April 10, 2008
Compliments are gifts of prosperity. I accept them graciously.

An update on my weightloss journey. I've been doing Weight Watchers since September of last year. I'm fortunate to have a meeting in my building. It makes it very convenient for me to get to a meeting. I take my lunch and have it thru our meeting. And we are very fortunate to have a really great Leader. His name is Daryl. And I just love him. He's really motivating and I always feel great after his meeting. So I've had my ups and downs as far as being on program, it's difficult to change your habits and this is a lifestyle change. It's not just so simple as not eating that, or depriving yourself and I like WW because it teaches just that. It's not a diet, it's a lifestyle and like other things, it's hard to change your ways. It's possible, absolutely, but not always easy.

So after being so sick I knew I had lost. And I did. But I feel motivated again and I know that I'm on the right path. To date I have lost 17.8 pounds. I'm proud. I'll admit it. I could look back and say, that's all?! But I won't do that, because I feel I've accomplished a lot. And the truth is, I could have GAINED that much if I hadn't changed my lifestyle last September. And I'm very happy that I got thru a holiday season without gaining anything! That is a real accomplishment.

And I'm enjoying the feeling of my clothes fitting different, or being able to wear some clothes I wasn't able to before. Those are the fun effects of weightloss. There's also a mental lightness. I just feel lighter, I feel I have a little more spring in my step, more energy, more drive, more determination.

Wordless Wednesday~ Well I thought it was suppose to be just that...wordless. But it seems others are not wordless and I had quite a few questions regarding the rose picture posted yesterday. So I'll explain. That rose pic was taken from our front yard. It was dusk, the light was still out, but setting and the pic leads you to believe it was taken at night, but it was not. I asked Mamacita about the rose, because it is hers. She has a passion for roses. That rose is called The Peace rose. She got it at Jackson and Perkins but I'm not sure it's exclusively from there. It has a wonderful history. This is what Jackson and Perkins tells of the history:

The radiant, sweetly perfumed flower with a fascinating history: this rose was named the day Berlin fell to the Allies. The day peace was signed with Japan, it won AARS honors and members of the newly formed United Nations were presented with its blooms. Shipped bareroot.

Someone asked me to take a pic of it when it was in bloom and so I did, last night. The change in the bloom was quite dramatic I thought for one day. I will have to post those pics tonight. Sorry.

And thank you to all who appeased me and posted a comment, I really do appreciate it and I love to go check out your blog and to "meet" all of you. Please don't stop commenting...I will follow...even if you just say, hi! that's good for me!

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Blogger Lorraine said...

Hang in there, WW is great. When you reach your goal and beyond.

Thanks for stopping by with the birthday wishes- it was so kind of you.

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