May 1, 2008
Life mirrors my every thought. As I keep my thoughts positive, life brings only good experiences to me.

May Day! Boy we're missing out in America, they have all kinds of fun celebrations around the world and unfortunately in So. CA it marks the anniversary of last years May Day protest where a whole lot of Angelenos chose to protest and cause trouble and it became a negative thing. Several high schooler's chose to leave school and protest which I think should be illegal, they need to keep their butt in school. Protest AFTER school, and do it peacefully. It also has to do with immigrant rights and without getting on a soap box I'll just say that if you are an immigrant and do it legally ~welcome to the USA! If you do it illegally... you cost me more money because of the services here that you take advantage of and I don't like footing your bill. And if you do come to America, the language here is English and do not expect me to accomodate you. When I move to Mexico or Spain or Guatemala or China, I'll learn to speak your native language.

I cannot believe we're already into May, the time just flies.

I found a new meeting and it's in my home town. How sad that i've missed out on this meeting because the Leader is super cool and I liked her a lot. She was welcoming and interactive and I just felt so good when I left that meeting last night. I've already purchased my monthly pass so I will continue this meeting for at least May. My attitude today is more positive and more confident. That is what meetings do for me. I had mentioned that on a WW board and that I realized I cannot do this thing without meetings, I need it. Someone told me that she's at goal and still needs meetings and has just accepted that this is part of her life. So I'm thinking on that today. It would be a great gift to myself to continue, get healthy, and take care of myself with love and understanding.

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