August 7, 2008
Thursday Thirteen #48

Wow, it's been awhile since I've posted for Thursday Thirteen but Citizen Jane inspired me and I'm stealing her theme too! It's about guilty pleasures and I have many. So here we go..
Thirteen Guilty Pleasures of Mitchypoo
  1. magazines...I'm addicted. It's not a good mail day unless i get a magazine. It can be a knitting mag, fashion, gossip, doesn't matter.
  2. Tom Jones. Can't help it, I love him after my Mamacita dragged me to one of his concerts a long time ago.
  3. Krispy Kreme donuts. I'm glad they closed, the one near me, I don't know where one is available and that is a good thing.
  4. Sorbetto's from Starbucks. It's only a guilty thing because it's full of sugar.
  5. In-n-Out burgers. Well, actually a Cheeseburger! With grilled onions....and fries! And a chocolate shake!
  6. Watching bowling...I actually use to do this all the time with my Father. We also watched bull fighting. The bull fighting seems so repulsive now.
  7. Yarn. It's a guilty pleasure because I love it so much and love to buy it and smell it and touch it and feel guilty now if I do because of finances.
  8. Perfume. I have quite the collection of perfume, who needs that much I guess.
  9. Makeup. Again, nobody needs that much makeup but I love it, the new shades, the new formulas, etc.
  10. Amy Winehouse. I love her music, she is SOOOO talented, but my GOD, what a trainwreck.
  11. Chocolate. I like white, milk or dark, but Lindt is my favorite. I don't eat much of it, but once in a while I have to have chocolate.
  12. Candy~so bad for me, but sometimes Mamacita gets me a box of sweet tarts or something tart.
  13. Narine~my lovely stylist. She's the best and worth every dollar.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I saw that you tagged me but, seeing as I already responded to that meme, I'm going to pretend this Thursday 13 thing was what you tagged me on. Sound fair?

Anonymous maggies mind said...

Cute blog theme! Great idea for a 13, and I only wish there was an In and Out Burger near me, though it's probably better that there is not. I don't know how they do it, but it is crazy delish!

Blogger Sheeshintx said...

Thank you for stoppping by. I will also add you on friends in Plurk. That is an addiction for me. :0) Happy Thursday!

Blogger tabbikat said...

Great idea for a 13! I'm not sure I want to admit to all my guilty pleasures...

Blogger citizen jane said...

Magazines! I have so many subscriptions, it's embarassing.

Tom Jones! LOVE him! Saw him in concert last year, fifth row aisle. Sigh.

Krispy Kreme! Addictive. Should be their own food group.

We may be separated at birth -- or at least cousins ;-)

Blogger Kara said...

Mmm.. Krispy Kremes! And chocolate. And makeup. :) I have never had In and Out, since they're not here in Michigan, but I would probably love it if they were here! I enjoyed this list. :)

Blogger misty said...

Krispy Kremes were on my list this week, too. lol. Great list. Happy TT.

Blogger Lori said...

LOVE the idea for a TT. May have to remember that one. Of course, everytime I say that I then forget what I was going to remember!

I have never had Krispy Kremes or In & Out Burgers. Sad for me.

Thanks for stopping by!

Blogger LingoVise Says... said...

Boy, I share a few of these with you! Magazines, Yarn! and Amy (the train wreck) Winehouse.

...I said No, No, No.

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