July 9, 2009
Thursday 13

I'm going to do a random thoughts Thursday 13 today because I am doing a healthy 3 day cleanse and today is my first day. I usually talk or write about food, but that is not the case today. So here is some randomness from me.

1. I love the beach so much. The air, the smell, the sand, the water, the sound of the waves crashing.
2. Is it because I'm a pisces that I love the ocean so much?
3. I'm going to AZ next week for a couple days and hopefully can see a high school girlfriend while there.
4. I'm going to knit a hat today. It'll keep my mind off other things.
5. I love my cats so much. They quietly woke me up this morning.
6. I wish my boyfriend lived closer. Long distance really sucks.
7. I love buying my toiletries from drugstore.com
8. I hope my cousin Cindy does well today, she's having knee surgery.
9. This picture makes me laugh. This is tomato p0rn! I found this tomato at the ranch market last week.

10. It doesn't take much to make me smile. It's the small things in life that often are so sweet and so funny.

11. I need to wash the tile floors.

12.I'm conflicted about the MJ circus. I feel very badly for the children and their loss, but there is so much to be upset about otherwise. And the family should be paying the bills. Since when do you look to someone else to pay for your family's final plans?

13. I hope I don't get headachey or grumpy in the next 3 days. I'm going to really try to be not let it affect me.

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Anonymous Wife of a Sailor said...

I love the smell of the beach, too! And that tomato is hilarious!

Thanks for visiting my blog and Happy TT!

Blogger Ornery's Wife said...

I'm not sure there is anything about the beach that I find unpleasant! :) Thanks for visiting Miller Manor today and Wow, what a nice thing to say! I am almost 50, my oldest will be 29 in a month or so, and yes, I will be a grandma just before my 50th birthday, the product of my 23 YO son and his brand new wife.

Wishing you well on your cleanse. Drinking lots and lots of water is the way I keep from being grouchy--keeps me running too! :) Happy TT!

Blogger Alice Audrey said...

I'm sure it'll be great to see friends, but if you want to be at the beech, Arizona is the wrong place.

Mine is here.

Blogger Sue said...

Cool list! I agree about the MJ thing - enough all ready. And why should California have to pay for it?

Thanks for stopping by mine.

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