July 23, 2009
Thursday 13

Mamacita took the day off work yesterday and we went to the County Fair. This list is 13 things I liked or enjoyed about the fair. If you'd like to participate in Thursday 13, please go here first.
  1. There was a nice breeze down there and it was not so ungodly hot. It was actually feeling warmer in some of the buildings.
  2. Pink's Hot Dogs! I couldn't believe it but they were down there. So I didn't have to go to the west side of town or wait in line for a long time. Had my Martha Stewart dog without onion or relish thank you!
  3. Loved the textile show, enjoyed seeing what others are doing. There was not a lot of knit items, and the ones I saw were not so great. I'm so entering next year and see how I fair.
  4. There were 2 pigs who had babies! One had 10 just this last Saturday and they were so cute! Another had 11 almost 2 weeks ago and they were double the size.
  5. I loved seeing the plumeria plants and they had an unusual dark pink color. Hard not to buy, but it was $30 for a starting.
  6. Loved smelling the barbecue. There was some huge companies there and the smell was intoxicating.
  7. Love to see the entries of vegetables. There were huge squash and interesting heirloom veggies. I wondered how many of the items wander off? Not that I'd do that, but I couldn't help but wonder.
  8. They had a wine bar! We were able to try a couple tastings of award winning wines which were very good. And then we enjoyed a full glass on the patio and took a break. It was nice.
  9. Rootbeer Freezes....yum!
  10. Love to see the odd things you can find by the vendors. There were weird mops and car washers, a doohicky you put on a aluminum can to make it like a screw top, a candle that does not use open flame, but a lightbulb, etc.
  11. Watkins. I'm sure there is a way to order online or whatever, but I like finding them at the fair and buying my vanilla, cinnamon and black pepper. Instant gratification.
  12. I bought a carry all. It's kind of goofy, but the thing is so cool too. It's like a wire frame with a large bag on it. It's light, it moves well, it doesn't topple over, it fits all kinds of stuff and I thought it'd be a lot more, so when she told me how much, which was at least half of what I was thinking, I bought it. Mamacita can use it for work because she has a little walk from her parking lot.
  13. Not sure how I made it out of the fair without ingesting something fried, but I did. I do so still love fried things. A new item I saw was individually fried potato chips. They looked good. I wanted a funnel cake too.
The only thing I was a little disappointed by was that I wanted some grilled corn but I think since living in MN at one time I've been spoiled. This corn they served looked like field corn. It was almost gray in color, not a nice vibrant yellow and just did not look appetizing at all. It was long and weird looking. It was a nice day all around.



Blogger Alice Audrey said...

No way I could have walked past the funnel cakes.

Blogger Adelle Laudan said...

I agree, Alice. There's nothing that says Country Fair better than a funnel cake.
Sounds like you had a good day. Happy T13!

Oh I adore the baby pigs; it's a highlight of the county fair.

I'm envious of your wine bar!

Glad you had a lovely time overall :D

Blogger Sophie said...

This wonderful list took me back to my childhood in Dakota and annual visits to the local county fair. To this day I love seeing the animal babies best of all! How did you have the fortitude to bypass funnelcake. That is my one annual deep-fried indulgence. :-)

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