October 15, 2009

Screamin Norwegian and Fans

So we made it into the paper! The MN local paper even! Sunday we met at our normal place to watch the Vikings/Ram game and we had a special guest, the Screamin Norwegian! It was a really cool car, I think it was a Chevy Camaro, but I obviously don't know much about cars. But I do know one thing, it's LOUD!! It scared the begezus out of me.

We were celebrating Gary, my brother's birthday last Sunday so it was really fun for him. We had balloons that he was giving away to the kids and we had birthday cake for all. The kids would come up to Gary and say "Go Vikes!" which was their way of saying, I want a balloon. And Gary was very lucky that day b/c he won the halftime pool and then he invested some in raffle tickets and he won that too! He won a Viking coin, a hat, a t-shirt, a penant, a poster, a signed page and other cool stuff. He was really happy and it was a good day.

Mamacita wasn't able to celebrate on Sunday with us b/c of her infection but she is back to work now and doing very well.

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