January 21, 2010
Thursday Thirteen

My list of 13 items that make life worth living, small things that can be truly enjoyed.
  1. A 12 year old Glen Fidditch. It's a sipping drink for me. I love to feel the burn at first, it warms you all the way to your toes. Lovely after a special meal.
  2. A perfectly grilled cheese sandwich. It can't be too dark but it should have butter on the outside to toast it nicely and give flavor and the cheese, american, melted just perfectly where it still oozes a little when cut.
  3. A Lindt truffle. My favorite is white chocolate, but the peanut butter ones are damn good.
  4. A new romance novel. It's perfect for rainy days like today. I love digging into a new book and getting a feel for the writing and get the characters and scene set in my mind.
  5. A nice hot shower. Soothing.
  6. Perfumed oils. Preferably they are perfumed with real essential oils. You can feel the difference in the quality of oil and the scent is pure and lasts longer.
  7. Comfy slippers. I got a new pair for Christmas and I can wear them to the store or around the house. They have real wool inside and keep my tootsies warm.
  8. A kind word from a special someone. Just that can make your day.
  9. A perfectly brewed cup of ginger tea. It's warming and comforting. I have to go make some now.
  10. Good quality sheets and duvets. I love my bed right now, it's so comfy, cool when I first get in and then my 400 count sheets and duvet wrap me up and warm me.
  11. Tiger Balm~I've had some joint aches but this helped take the pain away.
  12. Knitting/Crocheting, it's always soothing and comforting for me to have my hands busy creating something.
  13. Cashmere. I love the feel of my cashmere sweaters, they are so comforting and they last well.
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Blogger Irishcoda said...

Cool list, they definitely make life worth living, particularly the kind words!

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