January 28, 2010
Thursday Thirteen

Valentine's Day is fast approaching and so I wanted to list 13 things that I think is sweet.
  1. The book Illusions by Richard Bach. A quick read, but very thought provoking. Have you found your blue feather?
  2. Lindt truffles. I love that you can find this quality of chocolate at Target or an everyday store. If you haven't tried Lindt chocolate I'd say to try it. Good quality and not a huge price.
  3. Cupcakes. It seems to have become a fad but I love cupcakes because they are cute and sweet. My personal favorite cupcake blog, complete with recipes.
  4. Plurk friends. Sometimes it can really change your day by just reading a kind word.
  5. Cats sleeping. There is something so sweet and cuddly about how my babies sleep, how they can be comfortable in the wierdest positions.
  6. Crepes w/Lingonberries.
  7. Someone saying you are precious to them.My special someone told me that yesterday and it meant the world to me.
  8. People giving of themselves  for people suffering in Haiti, even when they don't have much to begin with.It's time like this that you realize how fortunate you are.
  9. Boyd's Bears. I have a collection of their collectible figurines and i also have some plush toys. They are just so sweet and cute and have funny names.
  10. Sweethearts Candy. They are still around after all these years. The messages have been updated, that's for sure, with messages like Text Me or Tweet Me, and the candy seems to taste better, but they are still the same in many ways. They just signal that Valentine's is near when I see them in the store.
  11. A single rose. It doesn't have to be red. It doesn't have to be long stem. It doesn't even have to be a rose. A flower given with love, so that the recipient enjoys is a sweet thing.
  12. Valentine's Cards. I still really love picking out a special card for my special someone. Here's a different kind of sweet card for Valentines!
  13. A smile. You know that smile that makes their eyes twinkle, where you see what they are saying just by how they look at you. That is sweet!

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Blogger Calico Crazy said...

A very sweet list for sure. Sweethearts Candy give me the giggles. ~ Calico Contemplations

Blogger Alice Audrey said...

It's been ages since I read Illusions. I stopped looking for feathers.

My TT is at http://www.AliceAudrey.com

Blogger web-betty said...

What a sweet meme, hee hee.

I agree about the Plurk friends. :)

Blogger DigiscrapMom said...

My Plurk friends - I LOVE 'EM!

Valentine's Day - ohhh, I'm quite a cynic about it but getting a rose or a V-day card can be really nice :)

Lindt Truffles and cupcakes - YUMMY!

Happy Thursday!

Blogger jehara said...

i love crepes too, especially with nutella. :)

Blogger Americanising Desi said...

every year when v day draws in, i m reminded how stupi. i m 27 and yet havent had ny valentine :(

Common hence Over-Rated

Blogger JO said...

I used to plurk, and once I've reach nirvana... I stopped!

And I love crepes too.

Here's mine. Enjoy your weekend.

Anonymous Adelle Laudan said...

Very 'sweet' list. I look forward to homemade cards and gifts from my girls. Even now as teenagers they do. You'd be amazed at how creative they get. Happy T13!

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