February 4, 2010
Thursday 13

Because this is a meme whose purpose is to get to know "me" a little better, this weeks topic is 13 random things about me.

  1. I was named after my Father. My first and middle name is his name reversed and feminine. There was no particular reason my name was spelled with one L, but I like it spelled that way. Michele with one L.
  2. My nickname when I was very young was Rubberband because I was very tall and skinny and limber. Those were the days.
  3. I met Barry Manilow years ago while vacationing in Palm Springs. He was not a nice man and I've not liked him ever since. He's really creepy looking in person too.
  4. I did high jump in grade school and I was pretty good at it. I remember once competing at a meet and suddenly people were milling around and making a lot of noise. Dwight Stones was there and I'm not sure I even knew who he was at the time but I met him. I remember he was tall and had longer hair. He is in the USA Track & Field Hall of Fame. Besides this time in my life, i'm really not very athletic.
  5. I love Bobbi Brown cosmetics. I have just started using her products in the last year or so. Every product I use, I absolutely love. 
  6. I cut off my middle finger tip when I was 12 years old. I sat down on a canvas cross chair and it snapped. I had to have surgery because the tip could be sewed back, but I broke the tip of the bone. I had to wear a cast to my elbow for about 8 weeks. Surprisingly, the finger took, It looks normal and the nail grows. The only sign is a small scar across the tip and the finger tip dips in because the bone is gone.
  7. The only food item that does not agree with me at all is Dijon mustard. It's so odd, but if I eat dijon mustard or a sauce has it in it, it 9 times out of ten does not agree with me. I taste it for days. No kidding. It's a shame too because I really like Dijon.
  8. I  used to raise chickens, laying hens when I lived in Oregon. I miss my chickens. I loved them so.
  9. I chose the Saint name Valentine when I was Confirmed. I've always been into the romance.
  10. My favorite place that I've visited was St.Thomas in the Caribbean. I went on a cruise years ago with some female coworkers and we had a lot of fun. St.Thomas was so gorgeous. The turquoise water, the white sand. It had a different feel.
  11. My favorite food is cheese. Which I am not suppose to be eating right now. I'm doing OK staying away from it, but I miss it, always.
  12. My new favorite TV show is Modern Family, with The Middle right behind it. Soooo funny!
  13. My favorite band in high school was Rush. Totally in love with them and I have gone to eight of their concerts. Once, while kind of between boyfriends, I dated a guy because he asked me to a Rush concert. I was not so much into him but I wanted to go to the concert. The boyfriend found out about it too and was not happy.

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Blogger Grandma said...

Thanks for letting us know you better. Too bad about the Dijon, that's tasty stuff.

My TT: Translatable

Anonymous Adelle Laudan said...

FUnny. I grew up in the same city Rush evolved from. When they first came out I think they played at every highschool/bar in the city.
Fun LIst. Happy T13!

Blogger i beati said...

Rubberband so cool thinking of the song Rubberband Man

My husband and I plan on raising laying hens in the future. Also I am totally with you on the cheese thing.

Anonymous Celticlibrarian said...

I love cheese, too. There was about a two year period where I couldn't eat cheese or chocolate. ...And then I got my gall bladder removed.

I love Mustard, too.

Blogger david santos said...

Thanks for story, very cool.
Happy T 13.
Have a nice weekend.

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