September 24, 2007
I have faith in the unlimited loving power of the Universe.

Not such a good weekend. I've been having headaches and neck pain since I hit my head last weekend. Mamacita suggested I go to urgent care which I never thought of. I just thought I'd have to make an appointment with my regular Dr. and get in when i could, but this was a much better option. And although it was a Sat. around noon, they were not so busy, I was called in really pretty soon, and I was out of there with 1.5 hours. The Dr. didn't think I needed a cat scan, he said he thought I sprained my neck muscles, so he prescribed an anti-inflammatory to take for the week and he said it should be better by then. I had some of that prescription at home so I did a little grocery shopping and headed home. It was pouring rain when I got out of the Dr's. I love the rain and we need it badly in So. CA. So I came home and knit and watched some TV. I also made dinner. I made chicken breasts with watermelon salsa. It's a WW recipe and Mamacita and brother seemed to like it.

I went to my first WW meeting Friday during work and I really liked the leader. A young guy, good looking, funny and caring. His meeting lasted about 30 minutes and they encourage you to bring your lunch and have it during the meeting. So this weekend I've been reading up on the plan and figuring out meals and writing down my food and I'm feeling good. I like the plan because it's real food and it's healthy and balanced and no food is off limits. I had 2 glasses of wine Sat. night, but i was within my points.

Friday night I finished the MS3 stole! I was a little nervous about blocking it because I've never done that before. But Sunday I was feeling OK, so I soaked it for half hour in a gallon of cold water with the soak stuff in it and then i carefully squeezed it to get what water I could out of it and then I got busy and blocked it. And it was so much fun! I loved how when you put the wires in and blocked it the pattern would pop. Look...

Tonight I'll try to take pics of it on. It should be completely dry by then. I really like it. And there is another lace stole KAL starting October 5. It's called Secret of the Stole and you are welcome to join by October 4. I've already joined and I already have the yarn and the beads! Yeah!

My daily goal today is to drink my 64 oz. of water and to write down all my food. Hope you have a happy Monday!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The stole is absolutely gorgeous! Great job Michelle.

Good luck with WW. I hear only good things about it and I think you'll have success with the plan.


Blogger FaeryCrafty said...

Great job!!!! It is beautiful :)

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