October 11, 2007
Thursday Thirteen #31

Thirteen things about my Brother Gary! In honor of his birthday today.

  1. He's my baby brother.
  2. He has quite a memory, like an elephant I always tell him. He used to and still can memorize when TV shows that are on and what channel. It's quite amazing. And he'll remember things and stories from when we were younger that no one else remembers.
  3. He cannot say the word World. It comes out like Weeerld. It's really cute and he hates when I ask him to say it.
  4. He is afraid of most animals and even hated stuffed animal toys as a child.
  5. We use to call him the Sausage Snatcher because he had a surgery years ago and was on a gurney in the house and the story goes that an Uncle was visiting and Gary was on his gurney near him and when he looked away, Gary took his sausage!
  6. He is the official Supervisor, when he would watch Dad or Uncles working on a project, he knew what they were doing and would supervise their work.
  7. He doesn't like to smile with teeth for a picture, but he will if you tickle him.
  8. He never had a cavity until about the age of 30 or needed braces.
  9. He insists on wearing steel toed shoes. Even during the summer. He broke some toes years back and I guess this is why.
  10. He loves to visit and socialize.
  11. He's a meat and potatoes guy.
  12. He has a hat collection, hundreds of hats.
  13. He loves Harley Davidson, Orange County Choppers, car shows, etc. He would have been a car buff if he could walk and drive.

Happy Birthday Gary Bear!

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What a great list. I hope your brother sees it. Happy B-day to him!

Blogger jenn said...

Happy Birthday To Gary!

Blogger Samantha_K said...

Happy Birthday to your brother!! Whatta great sister you are, dedicating your TT to him!

Blogger Sue said...

Cool TT idea, and Happy B-day Gary!! Happy Thursday Thirteen too, and thank you so much for stopping by!

Anonymous ellen b said...

A very happy birthday to Gary!

Blogger freetofly said...

What a great brother! Great site!

Blogger Gattina said...

Happy birthday to your brother !

Blogger Sarah said...

What a great tribute! What a fun idea to make a top 13 about someone...I may snag that idea. Happy birthday to your brother!
Thanks for stopping by~ happy TT!

Blogger Cecily R said...

For some reason #3 made me giggle.

Happy Birthday Gary!

Blogger Robin said...

Happy birthday Gary! I love the idea of a massive hat collection - any special kind or whatever strikes his fancy?

Blogger LadyBugCrossing said...

Happy Birthday to your brother!!
Thanks for dropping by!

Blogger Tink said...

Thanks for visiting my Yeats TT last week. I've been away for the weekend, so I'm very late to return the favour!
Happy belated birthday for your brother!

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